Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Every year I leave shopping for father’s day to the last minute because I have no idea what to get. My dad is someone who just goes out and buys it if he thinks of something he wants, which makes holidays hard for anyone who has to buy for him. This year I decided toContinue reading “Father’s Day Gift Ideas”

How I curl my hair

Hey loves! So I thought I would finally post the most anticipated video, how I curl my hair. I use a Hot Tools Signature Series in Gold curling iron, size 1.25. I spray my hair first with Aveda Heat Relief thermal protector & conditioning mist. This heat protectant can be sprayed on dry hair andContinue reading “How I curl my hair”

Products,products, products

It’s all about the products! My natural hair tangles easy, is frizzy, and quite honestly looks like a mess when I let it air dry. During this time (quarantine), I am trying not to put heat on my hair everyday. So, using the right products is really important for me to achieve the frizz free,Continue reading “Products,products, products”

Quarantine hair, I dont care…or do I?

Are you sick of looking in the mirror and seeing your new growth? I am, I want my blonde back more than ever. I did some research and found a few products that worked for me. These products are not made to completely cover up your new growth, especially for blondes. They are designed toContinue reading “Quarantine hair, I dont care…or do I?”